How to Reduce Basket Abandonment Rates

basket abandonment rates

Basket abandonment rates are a common problem. Many people will abandon their baskets instead of going ahead and placing the order and the reasons for doing so do vary. Salecycle research shows that while the problem is found in all industries, finance websites have the highest rate at 83.6%. They also found that:

  • Global cart abandonment is down 1.2% on the last quarter to 75.6% for Q1 2017.
  • 52% of abandonments take place on mobile devices.

Some of the tips shared by Salecycle to help reduce abandonments on mobiles and increase conversion rates include:

  1. Enabling autofill on forms
  2. Allowing for guest checkouts and not insisting on users registering accounts
  3. The fields should be large enough for people to use with ease, even on the smallest screens

What’s interesting is that mobile sales in the fashion industry are higher than any other at 63.2%. This shows that fashion websites are succeeding in converting shoppers where other industries are failing. The suggested reasons for this include that buyers tend to make faster decisions when buying fashion. Another reason is that fashion retailers have worked hard to improve the user experience for their shoppers on mobile devices.

We have several more suggestions to help reduce basket abandonment rates on your website.

  1. Don’t overcomplicate the forms your customers need to fill in. Short and simple is best.
  2. Don’t drag out the checkout process. The quicker the better. Try to keep everything on a single page to reduce page loading times.
  3. Make sure the contact information is available at every step and consider adding Live Chat.
  4. Be transparent about the delivery charges and taxes. Don’t make people wait to the last page of the checkout process, tell them very early on instead.
  5. Reassure your customers that their information is protected and your website is safe.
  6. Make checkout pages distraction free.
  7. All pages of your website should be quick to load and this includes when customers press the ‘Buy’ button.
  8. Add basket abandonment emails to encourage your visitors to go through with their order and entice them back to checkout.

Let us help you with your digital marketing, encourage more sales and less basket abandonment rates.