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Get Fit and Earn Cryptocurrency with Lympo Squat

It’s the time of year where gyms are full, and most people are committed to working off the extra pounds they gained over the festive period. You don’t have to waste money on gym membership, you could always look at Lympo Squat, a new mobile app now available on the App Store and Google Play. This app is aimed at those looking to improve their strength, live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully achieve results in the long term, rather than those looking for a quick fix.

Artificial Intelligence Provides Real Time Feedback

Lympo Squat rewards the users for performing squat exercises with Lympo currency. The app uses human pose artificial intelligence to analyse the movements of the user to give real time feedback. This feedback will ensure users are performing the squats correctly to help gain the benefits and reduce the risk of injury.  Adults can perform up to six daily squat exercises on their smart phone to gain physical benefits. The app uses the front camera of a mobile to track 17 points on the body of the user.

Lympo Squat goes one step further, rewarding users with cryptocurrency for their workouts. The current pay-out is 3 LYM (Lympo currency) for completing a challenge successfully and additional bonuses for completing streaks.  The LYM can be cashed out to the users own cryptowallet in blocks of 1000. The LYM can be sold or bought on cryptocurrency exchanges or the user can use it to directly buy sporting goods on the Lympo shop.  Lympo are the first blockchain company offering cryptocurrency rewards for physical activity. Lympo are a known brand that has partnerships with the Dallas Mavericks and Caroline Wozniacki.

Get Fit and Earn with Your Mobile

Performing squats increases strength and they are considered to be one of the most useful forms of strength exercises. The movements can help to improve posture, balance, stimulate bone growth and control blood sugar and even aid with weight loss. If you need a little encouragement to get moving and working on improving your fitness you could find this mobile app to be of use to you. Earn, get in shape and reap the benefits and then treat yourself with a reward using your LYM tokens.