You are currently viewing 3 headlines Shown in Google AdWords Responsive Beta

3 headlines Shown in Google AdWords Responsive Beta


Google AdWords have launched new responsive search ads, currently available to some advertisers in beta. These new ads are part of the machine learning models, which means they will work to optimise the ads, similar to dynamic search ads and automated ad suggestions. Google has been working hard to encourage advertisers to use a minimum of three ads per group and stop using manual A/B testing. The new responsive ads are hoping to further automate this process and to increase rotation optimisation for the automated ads.

Why Create More Ad options?

When creating ads, it makes sense to have several ad options created for your ad groups. This is so you’ll have more opportunity to compete in auctions when more options are present for the keywords you’ve selected for your ads. Those addicted to A/B testing manually may not feel comfortable with the new ads and automated system, but be warned, many suspect manual A/B testing to be coming to the end of its lifespan. These new ads could be a way of letting go of the reigns and testing out machine learning in practice.

Setting Up Ads

When using the new beta ads, you’ll set up a single ad using multiple headlines and two different 90-character long descriptions. Once created, Google will test out some combinations for you, working to create the combination that is most likely to deliver your goals. You get more characters using this new system, offering more valuable space in search.

Google AdWords Tips and Tricks

Try coming up with headlines that will work together, regardless of the order they are placed. Make each of the headlines different, with different offers, features and calls to action. Keep the headlines relevant to the keywords and use one in the headline itself. Pinning is an excellent feature that will ensure a headline and/or description will remain in your chosen position. You can pin several to set positions, which is recommended to help with the dynamic matching.

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