Google Launched AMP Based Featured Snippets on Mobile Search Results

mobile search results

Google has confirmed that the top of the Google mobile search results can now contain AMP links in the featured snippet section. In the same breath as confirming the change, Google also stated that AMP is not a search ranking factor. Additionally, Google also confirmed that they will also not show AMP results in the same section.

What is AMP?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages was designed for publishers to have their web pages load quickly on mobiles and tablets. Google backed the project and announced that the AMP listings would be appearing in mobile search results back in February 2016.  AMP pages don’t experience lag and they load within an instant, far quicker than even the most responsive landing page.

Google provides AdWords’ Support for AMP Landing Page

Earlier this month Google made it possible for advertisers to direct mobile search text ads to AMPs. Google ran beta tests beginning in May 2017, testing driving traffic from ads on mobile search to the AMP landing pages. It’s only possible to use the new function to landing pages from text ads, for now, this may be expanded upon in the future.

All mobile clicks are supported on AMP landing pages, but they can only be cached on Android for Chrome. Other mobile browsers should receive support shortly.  Advertisers can access the new AdWords interface where they can test and validate. The new interface is where they’ll see the percentage of clicks for invalid AMP pages. The data can be used to spot problems and ensure that the pages are compliant with the AMP guidelines.