3 Local SEO Tips for the New Year

Local SEO tips 2018Gaining the advantage over your competitors with local SEO can be tough. All businesses are using the same tactics, making it difficult for anyone to stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, some local SEO tactics are less well-known as others. Here are a few uncommon local SEO tips that can give your business the extra push it needs to get ahead.

Make the Most of Google My Business

All businesses will have claimed their listing on Google My Business (if you haven’t yet please grab yours as soon as possible), but most businesses fail to take advantage of the listing. For example, did you know that you can add quality photos and update them as often as you like? Provide accurate and up to date information regarding opening hours, details regarding bad weather activity or holiday information. Customers can visit your listing to ask questions, are you taking the time to answer them?

Start Using Google Posts

Furthermore, are you using Google Posts to create posts to provide information regarding products, services, news and special promos?  Use Google Posts like you use your blog, keep it updated often and share quality content linking to your landing pages. Google Posts have a lifespan of 7 days or they expire after the event ends, so stay on top of things by producing a new post each week.

Create Quality Content on Your Website

Google loves to see fresh content that provides value for their users. Your visitors also want content that will provide them with some kind of value. Creating content helps to increase visitors, conversions and are an important part of local SEO that many businesses fail to stay on top of. Creating original content each week will create new URLs, content to share on your social networks and email marketing campaigns and provide information that it’s beneficial for your audience.

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