HTTPS Encryption Turned on for all Hosted Websites


Security has been improved for all websites as HTTPS has been turned on for all custom domains using the hosted service. The encryption provides protection against security flaws for all website owners by, including:

  • Protecting against cookie theft
  • Preventing account hacks
  • Preventing surveillance of content
  • Defending against surveillance of communications

If you have a custom domain that is hosted on you won’t have to do anything, the changes are all automatic so there’s no need to add any codes or click any check boxes in order to benefit.  This is great news as it means everyone on there will benefit from getting an SSL certificate!  This is a positive move that has been made possible by the Let’s Encrypt project. has taken full advantage of the project, which has made it a lot cheaper and easier to spread HTTPS across the Internet.

There are other benefits of having HTTPS that goes beyond security. One of the advantages is that HTTPS websites can end up higher in the search engine results pages. This is because Google uses the HTTPS are a ranking signal, pushing those encrypted websites above unencrypted websites in the search results.

Is My Website HTTPS Enabled?

Want to check if your website is now encrypted? The easiest way os to visit your website and look at the browser’s address bar. An encrypted website will have a green lock item in the address bar, clearly showing that the feature is live and working.

Learn more about HTTPS and WordPress by visiting their support pages, here.

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