5 Reasons to Use Influencer Marketing for Your Business

Influencer Marketing Benefits

Businesses are finding it difficult to make waves when it comes to social media.  The platforms are flooded with other brands, making it very hard for some to be heard in all the noise. One significant way of getting noticed is by using paid advertising on these sites and combining these ads with a splash of remarketing. However, there is another great alternative or additional strategy to try and that is influencer outreach.

Influencer outreach doesn’t happen overnight. It involves discovering who the influencers in your niche are, where they are found and networking with them to form a relationship. This may seem like a bit of hard work, but the following reasons below show that it can be well-worth your time.

Gaining a Reputation

Influencers have a readymade audience, once you’d like to dip in to. If they share your updates, your website or post a picture of your product their audience is going to notice. The credibility and the reputation of the influencers will be passed on to your brand. Raising your profile will benefit you, but know that the influencers know their worth. They will be careful to promote only the brands and businesses that they will be proud to be associated with.

Increased Traffic to Your Website

When an influencer shares a link to one of your web pages you can usually expect to receive an influx of traffic. Having a link on a piece of evergreen content shared on the influencers website can bring traffic to your site for a long period of time.

SEO Benefits of Influencer Marketing

SEO is one of the reasons why influencer marketing can pay off. If you gain a link or two from an influencer you can benefit from the authority of their website. The authority can increase the ranking of your site in the search engines. Work together on producing regular content that the audience will enjoy, and the number of links can continue to increase over time.

More Sales

You could experience an increase in sales if you have products or services that are recommended by an influencer. They share a link with their audience, effectively giving their seal of approval to their audience. You will need to find the right match for your business to develop this kind of relationship. Influencers won’t want to risk their name on products or services they’re not convinced by.

Gaining an Influential Partner

When networking goes well, and you find a real connection between your brand and the influencer it’s possible to form a partnership. A partnership benefits both sides, helping to increase the earnings of the influencer and the popularity of the brand.

Influencer marketing can complement your overall digital marketing strategy. Stuck for ideas? Get in touch and we can discuss the options or provide you and your team with accredited digital marketing training.