Amazon unveils Amazon Allowance to attract younger shoppers

It seems Amazon are looking to attract more business from teenage shopper as their new service gives parents a chance to fund their childrens’ online shopping. Amazon Allowance uses essentially the same premise as a gift card but puts more emphasis on the idea of topping up the card. Sneaky.

Amazon say “it’s an easy way to fund shopping on Amazon without sharing your account or credit cards.”

Additionally, they have made it so funds can be added on both a  one-time or recurring basis and there are no additional fees.

How will allowances change things?

Spencer Soper, from Bloomberg claims that the gift card market is expected to be worth around $14bn in the US over the next two years. Naturally, businesses are ensuring they are viable to cash in.

Now, Amazon Allowance isnot going to eliminate the tradition of parents giving cash to their children for their chores, but you cannot underestimate the impact Amazon can have on the way consumers think about shopping.
Conclusively, even if Amazon Allowance doesn’t become a tradition of American teenage culture, as Amazon expands into different, it becomes somewhat difficult not to imagine Amazon becoming the mainstay virtual shopping centre for the younger generation.

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