Digital Marketing Stats from around the World!

Keeping up with the world of digital marketing is not easy. The industry is changing at an alarming pace with different countries being far more developed than others. So – here’s our top 5 digital marketing stats from around the world!

Tablets in Vietnam

New data published by GfK shows that there has been double-digit growth in sales of entry level tablets.

Three out of every four tablets sold in 2015 cost less than US$300 compared to just one in two in 2014.

This has caused the overall value of the tablet market to shrink by around 5%, despite an increase in demand for the devices.

Top end tablets (those costing more than US$500) now account for 14% of the market, down from 29% last year.

Amazon invests US$5bn in India

Amazon is set to invest US$5bn in a bid to expand its presence in India.

The ecommerce giant reportedly wants to make India its biggest market outside the US.

Most of the money will be spent on building additional warehouses and data centres.

According to the Economic Times Amazon is also planning to launch Amazon Prime in India later this year.

Aussie brands fall short on CX

Australian brands are failing to implement a coherent customer experience strategy, according to a new survey from Salmat.

A poll of 288 customer experience professionals found that more than a third (37%) of customer interactions are currently self-service, a figure that is predicted to grow to 61% by 2020.

However only 22% of respondents said they had a proper strategy for dealing with this change, with 38% of this group admitting that their plan doesn’t fully address the customer lifecycle.

A further 31% said they had a plan that isn’t always followed, while 13% have no strategy at all.

Mobile use in China

Mobile will account for a third (32.9%) of the average Chinese person’s daily media time, according to a new report.

This equates to more than two hours per day. Digital media in general now accounts for just over half (50.4%) of China’s daily media time.

China is now ahead of both the US (46.7%) and the UK (48.6%) in this regard.

Since 2011 the amount of time spent on digital media in China has grown from 1 hour 47 minutes to 3 hours 5 minutes.

Hong Kong residents use mobile search mainly while commuting

People in Hong Kong mainly use mobile search while commuting (75%) or in the home (73%).

While at work usage of mobile search falls to 58%, according to a study of 1,000 mobile users published by Yahoo Hong Kong Advertising.

The research also found that 58% of respondents would click on a search ad and nearly two-thirds (65%) said the small screen deters them from scrolling down for more results.