One to Watch: Accelerated Mobile Pages


Many visitors to websites use their mobile phones, so much so that mobile searches took over desktop searches in May of last year. If that’s not a good enough reason to make some serious responsive upgrades on your website then perhaps you’ll be swayed when you learn that Google is also pushing non- mobile friendly websites down in the search engine results pages and has been for a while now.  Mobile search has accelerated a lot faster than expected and therefore many business websites are still not up to speed – leaving visitors to their websites out in the cold. Non-responsive websites can be hideous to visit – slow loading pages, awkward pop-ups, poorly sized images and fonts and difficult/impossible checkouts cause nothing but frustration, often causing the visitor to leave within seconds.

Our website development service can certainly help improve your website and make it work harder for you mobile visitors and for your SEO, but soon you could see your web pages responding quicker than ever before. Last October, Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP. AMP is an open source project that gives publishers the ability to create optimised content for mobiles and have it upload instantly, everywhere! The content is published to your website as normal, but the addition of some clever coding means your rich content web pages will be accelerated, appearing on any device at any time.

AMP means the user experience will be greatly improved; they’ll be able to see your web page up on the top of search on mobile devices, click on the page and have it open instantly, just like magic. The super-fast speeds are possible as the AMP files are cached in the cloud, resulting in speedy loading times across all modern browsers, apps and in search.

It’s still early days for AMP but it’s something we’ll be keeping a close eye on and investigating for our clients.  A faster experience for customers is going to be of benefit to everyone.