World Cup Fever? Get the Games in Your Calendar!

world cup calendar Here are Sharpmonkeys HQ we are not getting excited about the forthcoming FIFA World Cup at all, nope, not one bit. We have not spent ages filling in Panini sticker albums or shouting “swaps” across the office. Good job too. Serious stuff this digital marketing malarkey.

For those of you who are getting World Cup fever, wouldn’t it be good to have all the games loaded into you calendar so you never miss a match? Workload permitting of course!

Here is a great little tip for adding all the World Cup footy matches and have them update as the games complete.

Use Google Calendar and click “Other Calendars”, then “Add by URL” and enter “webcal://” (should also work with any app that you can import or add iCal data into).

Bingo! all the games, the schedule and self updating as the tournament goes on. Have fun. Now where did I leave that Vuvuzela?

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