What’s Happening in Digital Marketing?

Digital MarketingHere’s a quick round-up of some of the most interesting digital marketing stats for the first half of March 2017.

Kinetic Emails Proving to Be Popular

Kinetic emails are ones that include interactive content. The Email Benchmark Report for Q$ 2016 by Experian has shown that those types of emails have higher levels of engagement than any others.  In the report, Experian analysed 7 brands and the click to open rates increased by over 10% with kinetic emails. What’s more, the kinetic emails also increased unique click rates by up to 18.3%. Why not add carousel navigation to your next campaign?

Mother’s Might Be Disappointed on Mother’s Day

Criteo revealed that the most popular online gifts being chosen for Mother’s on Mother’s Day are household gifts. The types of gifts include laundry appliances, vacuum cleaners and kitchen goods. These gifts are driving the biggest basket value for the special day.  Other items enjoying a boost in sales include garden tools. Garden tools are proving to be popular thanks to the arrival of spring. The warmer weather will be helping sales too.

Consumers are Loving Wearables

Wearables reached an all-time high in Q4 of 2016 according to The International Data Corporation.  During that period over 33 million units were shipped out. In 2016, 102.4 million wearables were shipped with FitBit continuing to dominate the market. The continued rise in wearable devices might be down to devices now being hybrids, incorporating health and fitness and making use of smartphone technology.

Television Still Dominates Viewed Video Ads

Thinkbox data shows that television accounts for 93.8% of viewed video ads in the UK. This figure is down from 2015 but it shows that it’s still the dominant force, accounting for 18 minutes and 53 seconds per day. YouTube has fewer views, with only 0.7% of viewed ads on the platform in 2016. The data also showed that the average person watched about 20 minutes of video ads each day last year.