What is Google’s Question and Answer Feature on GMB?

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Have you started using Google’s Question and Answer on your Google My Business listing? This new feature was launched in the summer of 2017, yet many businesses are failing to make use of it. As with many GMB features, there are advantages to be had by making full use of them. So what is the new feature and why should you be using it?

On the Go Service for Potential Customers

Google’s Question and Answer section is found on the Google Maps app and is only available on Android at the moment. The new section allows users to write in questions and receive your answers in real time. If using this feature, you will need to have the Google Maps app on your phone and sign in using the same account that is used for the Google My Business listing. A notification will be sent to your phone once a question has been typed and sent so you are able to answer immediately.

When a question is received you’re able to view the profile of the person who asked you. This is also your chance to provide excellent customer service to potential customers. Avoid giving yes or no answers, go into brief and concise detail. The reason for this is that the question can be edited by the user after it’s been submitted. Therefore, you are protecting yourself from potential trolls by context to your answers. The answers stay there for other people using the app, providing them with useful information too.

Why You Should Be Using Question and Answer

Here are three reasons why it’s time to get familiar with Google’s Question and Answer, asap.

  1. Users of Google Maps will be using this feature. They are asking lots of questions and those businesses leaving questions unanswered might not be looking as appealing to potential customers as the other businesses that are on the ball, communicating and providing information. Do you really want to miss out on potential sales?
  2. Other customers can leave answers to the questions being asked on your listing. While many customers might have the right information, it’s important to check and corroborate the replies. The downside of this is that the information shared could be wrong or even written out of spite.
  3. Some of the questions might need to be removed if they violate Google’s guidelines. You can flag any questions and answers that are in violation and Google will remove them. If you leave them, they may sit there for a long time and possibly put people off.

Think of Google’s Questions and Answers like social media. It’s worth being present so you can help your customers but also be on top of any potentially harmful activity. Have you started using Questions and Answers? Share your likes and dislikes with us on Twitter.