SEO Predictions for 2016

SEO Predictions

2016 is in full swing and so are the SEO rumours and conversations. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the expected changes and see what the next few months have in store for anyone working on optimising their website for the search engines.

Social Search 

Social networks are already expanding on their search functions and users are beginning to use them. Expect this trend to continue to rise and perhaps become prevalent over the networks. Facebook have spent a lot of time working on improving their internal search function and this is expected to have an effect on SEO. Businesses will need to work to increase engagement and organic reach that has been lost as a result of the algorithm updates on Facebook.

Expanding on Search

Brands will want to become top of the rankings for more than just Google. Expect to see more businesses putting effort into coming top of the pile for other search boxes, such as Amazon, YouTube, Google maps and also focusing on getting their content found on other online portals.

Rise of Content Driven SEO

Focusing on creative content and building SEO correctly, removing the need to spend large amounts of time on the technical side of SEO, content strategy will become more vital for optimisation. SEO agencies that only focus on the technical side will find they need to expand their services to help their clients come up with a successful SEO strategy that is focused heavily on content and getting the campaigns and frameworks search friendly.

Data and Content

Collecting data is proving to be a powerful tool for businesses, at least it is when the data is being analysed and used and not just stored away in a folder never to be opened. Analysing data and using it to improve on campaigns and strategies is one of the areas of SEO that will become more important. There will also be a strong focus on content strategies and using content to optimise assets on different platforms.

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