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3 Reasons Your Website is Slow

Slow website tips

Don’t let a slow website push your search rankings down. Some of the most common causes for slow loading sites can be quickly fixed. Help improve your website for your visitors, reduce that pesky page bounce and see an improvement in search with these 3 simple tips.

Pain in the JavaScript

JavaScript is often found on all pages of your website when it’s only really needed on some of them. Look at the JavaScript that is being used in your header file and work out if it really needs to be there at all. Some JavaScript’s can easily be transferred into the body text of the pages where it’s really needed rather than on each and every page of your website.

Your Images Are Too Big

Image file size is probably the most common cause of a slow loading page. If you upload images without optimising them you can quickly end up with a website that’s painful to spend time on. Reducing the image file size will help to sort out the speeds and it doesn’t take too much effort. Once you’ve tidied up the old images remember to optimise images each time they are uploaded to your website.

Too Many Parties

Try not to have too many elements that load up from third party websites. Sites slow down when they are trying to load from other sites and you have no way of speeding up how quickly that content loads up. It is worth connecting your site with some third-party sites if they’re relevant and/or beneficial but be a bit choosy about what you put in and what’s left out.

With some groundwork your website will soon load up quicker and your visitors will love the changes. Complement your SEO with a fast loading site to gain a reward from Google for all your arduous work. Get in touch to ask about our SEO services in Worcester.