Digital Content Style Tips from Google

digital content style tips

Google wants to provide the users of the search engine with high-quality content. A lot of what is considered to be high quality has been established through trial and error. Google has now decided to be helpful and provide their own style guides that will make it a lot easier to establish whether the content you create will be classed as high quality by the search engine.

New Google Guides for Creators

New guides have been published by Google’s Developer Relations Group, including:

  • Java style guide
  • JavaScript style guide
  • Developer documentation style guide
  • HTML/CSS style guide

The information contained within the guides isn’t anything new or ground-breaking, but they are excellent resources to have.  They are focused on the creation of high quality content that provides value to the reader along with improved rankings. There is a clear indication that the pages that are ranking well in the search engine have a mixed content of quality code, UX and content.

Content Tips from Google

Let’s take a brief look at some of the tips that are shared in Google’s Developer Documentation Style Guide:

  1. Use a conversational tone that is friendly and has a clear purpose
  2. Show that you understand the user intent and that you are knowledgeable on the subject being covered
  3. Use clear and concise short sentences
  4. Use simple words that are easy for users to understand
  5. Link text should be descriptive and effective
  6. Use words and sentences that can be easily translated into other languages
  7. All outbound links should be towards high quality and respected websites
  8. Numbered lists are useful for sequenced events

Here are a few tips on what to avoid in content creation:

  1. Click here used as an anchor text
  2. Slang words
  3. Technical jargon
  4. Strong metaphors
  5. Placeholder phrases
  6. Exclamation points
  7. CSS hacks
  8. Sentences that all start in the same way

Read over Google’s style guide to learn more and pick up some great tips that will help to improve the quality of the digital content you create.