5 Easy Content Marketing Metrics to Measure Success

content marketing metrics

How often are you checking the analytics? Metrics are useful as they help determine how effective your content is. The information can provide you with ideas on what content works and which to use more of verses the type of content that is falling flat with your audience. There’s plenty of other information to be gained from your analytics. Here are 5 easy content marketing metrics to start measuring immediately.

Traffic to Your Website

The first one is probably the most obvious but there are plenty of people out there that don’t pay attention to this figure. Using Google Analytics, check to see the traffic results regularly. Monthly or quarterly are good places to start. Compare how the traffic fluctuates from week to week and based on when new content is published.

Your Place in the Search Engine Results Pages

Most businesses are striving to hit the number one spot in the search rankings. Number one is ideally where you want to be as it attracts the most clicks simply by being in that coveted position. However, are you even ranking on page one or six? Know your position and begin tracking growth once you start focusing on SEO on your content marketing. Use Google Search Console or Moz to track your rankings.

Average Time Spent on Page

Google Analytics is a wealth of information. One of the ones you should be paying attention to is the Ave. Time on Page. If you notice people arrive and leave your website in a matter of seconds it’s clear that there is something that needs attending to. You want people to at least stay long enough to absorb whatever content is on that page, be it a video, an article or a product. Ideally, that person will remain on site for longer, clicking through and make a purchase (if you have an ecommerce site).

Clickthrough Rate

Clickthrough rate or CTR is the measurement of how people viewing your content are clicking through to the link you place. How many people reading or viewing your content are clicking? You need to measure the CTR for all sorts of content you push out, including your social media marketing campaigns, email marketing, landing pages, ads and so on. There will be many different tools that will provide you with this information. Use the reporting from your email marketing provider, insights on social media and Google Analytics Queries report for search.

Social Growth

Measure how many followers you’re gaining on your social networks. That doesn’t mean you need to be gaining thousands of followers, but you should be seeing some steady growth. There are useful insights and analytic tools available on social networks. You can also use one of the many social media management tools to help you monitor this metric easily. Some of the tools worth looking at include Social Sprout, HubSpot and Hootsuite.

Are you using these content marketing metrics to analyse the success of your content? Are there other top metrics you like to keep an eye on? Join in the conversation on Twitter.

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