5 SEO Tips for Video Content

Video marketing continues to offer value to businesses. It’s a marketing technique that visually captures the attention of the audience, creating unique opportunities to emotionally connect with consumers. Video marketing helps to develop brand awareness, increase leads and they are expected to be even more valuable in 2019.

5 SEO Tips for Video

Video marketing is so important google have even introduced video carousels on desktop SERPs. So how can you increase the exposure your videos achieve? Here are 5 simple tips that will organically boost your video marketing efforts for the search engines.

  1. Analyse the metrics for all the videos you have and establish a baseline to work on. Use the metrics and analytical tools provided by YouTube, Facebook and Google. Discover the videos that the most successful and use them to inspire future content.
  2. Keyword research. Watch your videos and establish optimisation opportunities based in the content. Perform searches on Google to discover the ones already showing in the SERPS and discover ways to further optimise them and increase their potential.
  3. Use your keywords and discover the popular keyword phrases that are not currently catered for in your video content creation. Come up with videos for those phrases and words and provide valuable content for those users conducting the searches.
  4. Add links to the descriptions of your videos. The links should be to content on your website that is already optimised and relevant to the content of your video. Make sure all links in the description are clickable!
  5. Watch the videos of your competitors and work out which ones are connecting with the audience. Try to find gaps in their offerings and fill those gaps with unique video content.

Video marketing remains a priority and will continue to play an important role in digital marketing in 2019. Ask us to help optimise your video content with our SEO services in Worcester. Call or email for more information.