How to Increase Exposure for your Blog Posts

Blog exposure tips

One of the challenges faced by business blogs is getting the content in front of the right people. It doesn’t matter how good the content is, it’s not going to work hard for you if it’s not seen by the people you’re targeting.  Many businesses think it’s enough to publish the blog and let the Internet do its thing, but it’s not. There are several steps that need to be taken in order to achieve great results from your content marketing. Here are 5 steps that need to be worked into your blogging routine.

  1. Social sharing is a must. Use your customer profiles to establish which social networks are the most popular with your audience and then share your content on those networks. Create a schedule, include other valuable content on the networks but also include links to your blogs. Use different titles, ask questions, use images, try different times and share away. Evergreen content can be shared over many months and even years, just checks the content is still relevant or add updates to the content as and when required.
  2. Optimise your blog for the search engines. Always have SEO in mind when working on your business blog. Use (but definitely don’t overuse) keywords, use SEO plugins to add meta descriptions and organise the URLs to include the blog title rather than random numbers or dates. Work hard on the title (and create several to use when sharing content online) and ensure the content delivers what is expected.
  3. Repurpose your content. A blog post can be reused in multiple ways. Use it to create other forms of content that can be shared on the blog and on social networks too. Consider creating podcasts, videos, infographics, case studies and so on.
  4. Encourage interactions on social networks. Use polls, ask questions, and ask for feedback and opinions. Spend time replying to any interactions and show that you are present on the network and not just there to push your links. Work hard to encourage clicks.
  5. Use the feedback and responses to inspire new content. Questions asked can result in the perfect blog posts for your audience.

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