5 Steps to Help New Content Rank Faster on Google

When new content is published it can take an age for it to be indexed by Google. Weeks can turn into months before you begin to see it rank. Some content will rank faster than others, that’s because extra steps are being taken after the content has been published. What can you do to speed up the time it takes for your content to rank? Here are 5 steps to follow each time you publish.

Submit Your Content to Google

Google provides a free URL Inspection Tool that anyone can use to tell Google about your new content and get it crawled faster. All you need to do is publish the content and submit the URL into the tool. Any content submitted is put into the priority queue and it will be crawled faster than any content that isn’t submitted.

Use Sitemaps

Sitemaps are really easy to use and if you’re not using them already this step really is a must. Once you have your sitemap ready and up to date remember to submit it in the Search Console Sitemap Report are in Search Console. Alternatively, place your sitemap in your robots.txt.file. Another very simple way of informing Google about your sitemap and URLs to crawl is by visiting google.com/ping and submitting the URL of your sitemap.

Revisit and Revise Old Content

Old content is commonly forgotten about and there are many linking opportunities that are missed. Go through your old content and add relevant links to your new content that will be of use to the reader. Updating your old content can help to improve ranking as well as getting content indexed faster.

Link to Your Own Content

Don’t forget to link to any of your valuable pages within the content you’re publishing. The valuable pages could be your blog. Resources, product, the home page, contact page and so on. Linking to those pages lets Google know that the URL needs to be crawled and informs them that the link is important.

Share on Social Media

Sharing content on social media is linked to the rating of content. Keep your social media profiles updated with your links and include sites such as Reddit who will create links that Google needs to crawl.

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