5 Ecommerce SEO Trends You Need to Follow

SEO trendsHere are five ecommerce marketing trends to pay attention to if you don’t want to get left behind in 2016.

Mobile-Friendly Website and Content

Mobile optimisation cannot be ignored you have to embrace it. Create mobile-friendly content that allows customers to easily perform every task on your website directly from their mobile device.

Make Use of SEO Apps and Tools

There are lots of apps, tools and widgets that you can use to your advantage. These tools help webmasters to keep websites optimised with their ‘out of the box’ solutions. While SEO technology can be simple, it’s important to customise each one in order to benefit.

Social Websites

Make your content shareable on social media platforms in order to become more visible. All content needs to be made easy to share, from your product pages to your reviews. Encourage sharing throughout their journey from you and be present on these platforms in order to create engagement opportunities.

It’s All in the Details

Detail is now necessary in order to provide more information for your customers and to gain favour in the search engines. Description pages, blogs, articles and all web pages need to include conversational phrases but avoid being stuffed with fluff. All content needs to be necessary.

Voice Search

Voice search technology has vastly improved in recent years and mobile users especially are making use of this technology when using search engines. Think about colloquial phrasing and long-tail phrases to start making use of this trend.

Get In Front of the Camera

Video content opens up new windows of opportunity for brands. Use videos in your blog, product pages and in your social media marketing. Users love it and the content hosted on YouTube can show up as rich media in the search engine results pages.

These are trends that are here to stay, they need to be included in your digital marketing strategy and budget in order to remain relevant and in touch with your audience.