5 Time Saving Blogging Tips

5 Simple Tips that will provide you with more time to dedicate to your business blog

Time Saving Blogging tipsBlogging is an excellent way of increasing visibility and attracting more people to your website and boosting sales. It’s also time-consuming and many businesses find it difficult to produce consistent content.  Finding time is a problem, but there are ways and methods you can use to ensure your business blog receives the content it needs to thrive.

  1. Stick to your chosen niche and don’t venture too far off the beaten track. Focus on the audience you want to attract (your target customers) and write about the topics they will be interested in reading. It’s okay to take new directions but make sure it’s your audience that leads the way. Listen to the questions they’re asking, pay attention to their online behaviours and use it to inspire you.
  2. Establish the best time for you to write the content and dedicate that time to your blogging. Do you write your best articles first thing in the morning or are you more creative after lunch or even in the evening? Writing a blog post will take a lot longer if your mind isn’t ready for the task.
  3. Stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry and follow the actions of the influencers within the industry. Use research and quotes to inspire your own content and to support your arguments.
  4. Use a content calendar to plan out your content for the month ahead (at least). Brainstorm with colleagues to come up with ideas that will fit in with the upcoming promotions, campaigns and trends in the industry. It’s easier to create content if you already have the topic and perhaps a title as a starting point.
  5. Plan the structure of your article before you write up your first draft. Write down the title (you can change this later), make notes for the introduction and list out the points you’d like to include for the different paragraphs in the piece before ending with the conclusion. Planning the structure will make it easier for you to write the article, saving you time.

Finally, outsourcing your blogging is an excellent option if you’re unable to make time or find it difficult to come up with regular content. Ask us about how we can help you with your business blog.