3 Ways to Promote Your Business on Facebook

How to promote your business on FacebookAre you using Facebook for your business? Are you looking for new ideas on how to promote your products over the coming months? Today we are sharing three ideas on how to raise interest and promote your products on the most popular social platform.

Live Demonstrations

Customers love to see products in use, so why not give them what they want. Create content to share on Facebook that shows customers ways your products can be used in their life. One option to consider here is the use of live video demonstrations.  You don’t need to spend a lot on creating a professional video. What you will need is one brave employee who is willing to perform in front of the camera. You can use the video to show different ways your products can be used, speak about special features and your unique selling points and give tips too. Boost interest by offering a live discount that can be used by your Facebook fans.

Show Off Your Reviews

Facebook offers a simple way of your customers to leave their reviews of your products. There are rules to follow. You cannot provide customers with incentives to leave reviews, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask them.  Add a reviews tab to your business page by clicking Reviews in the General Setting Tab and clicking Allow Visitors to Review This Page.  You can ask your customers to leave reviews in an update on your page, via your email marketing campaigns and transaction emails, on your website pages and during face to face sales.

Retargeting Ads on Facebook

Find your audiences using retargeting ads on Facebook. Use your data to find audiences that have similar interest or demographics to your current customers. It’s even possible to import your email addresses into Facebook and to make use of the lookalike audience feature.  Retargeting can also be used to target visitors to your website that went as far as putting products in their baskets but who didn’t complete the purchase.