4 Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Organic Ranking

Boost organic ranking for blogs

You have plenty of blog posts published as part of your content marketing plan. But are any of the blogs getting noticed? Do you have traffic finding your posts from the search engines? Today we’re sharing a few tips on how to increase the amount of traffic to your blog posts from organic search results. These tips will help you to get your hard work noticed and help support your current marketing campaign.

Carefully Select Your Blog Posts

Focus on the blog posts that are already ranking on page 2 or 3 in Google if possible. These posts are already indexed quite highly and they will be a lot easier to push to page 1 than any posts ranked further down.

The next thing to do is research the target keyword that you’re using in your blog post. Type in the keyword into Google and take note of the sites that are ranking on the first page and in the top positions.  The aim is to find keywords that are not dominated by high ranking websites in Google search. High ranking websites such as INC.com or websites with .edu or .gov URLs are not likely to be beaten. You want to look for websites that are ranking organically that have an equal or lesser authority than yours.  Click here to find the domain authority of your website.

Optimise Your Blog Post

Go through the steps to ensure your blog post is optimised to help improve the organic rank.  The steps include:

  • Add a Meta description that includes your keyword. It should be a description of what readers can expect from your content.
  • Create a short URL that includes the keyword.
  • Use the Keyword in your title.
  • Examine the content and make sure the keyword is used naturally. Never stuff the keyword in your content and use long tail keywords.
  • Add alt text for all of the images in your blog post.
  • Where appropriate, add internal links to other content on your website in your blog post.
  • Link to external links to help support your research and information in your blog. External links help to increase the authority of your blog.

Backlinks Improve Organic Rankings

Gaining backlinks from authoritative sites give your website more power and help to increase your organic rankings. It’s not always easy to obtain backlinks but here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Ask to guest post on authoritative websites in your industry. Contact the website via email to make an initial request and share the idea you have for the post. The content will need to be original and provide value for their readers.
  • Contact websites with content that relates to yours and ask for backlinks.

Social Signals

Google has never stated that social signals are a ranking factor, but research has shown that social signals do boost rankings. Make sure that you push links to your content through social media. Promote your posts and work on engaging the audience for these updates. Aim for likes, shares, comments and clicks.

These tips will help boost the organic ranking for your blog posts. Contact us if you would like assistance with your search engine optimising. We provide flexible SEO services by working closely with you to obtain the best possible results.