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Google Local Search – Message This Business

Google is working to encourage more of their users to message local businesses directly via Google My Business. The new look for the messaging on Google My Business is currently being tested out on a larger scale, which could see more people texting your business, are you ready to respond?

Messaging was launched in Google My Business back in the summer of 2017. The service is being reworked and tested out to see if the feature can become more prominent and used more thanks to a simple change, a larger button. It really could become more popular thanks to a redesign. This is also a good reminder for you to perhaps consider undertaking some tests of your own to your calls to actions, landing pages. product pages and so on. Optimising your website and making a few subtle changes can make all the difference. Ask us about our SEO services and A/B testing for your online content.

Testing Out a New Google My Business Interface

Google may or may not roll out the brand-new UI design in order to increase the number of people that make use of the message function. If It does it’s important to ensure your business is ready to respond. You may also wish to take some time to improve your profile on Google My Business. Make sure all the information is correct and optimised to be found by the people that want to find you. Furthermore, ensure all the contact information is up to date.

Managing the messages can be performed using the Google My Business app or directly from the web portal on Google My Business or using your phone’s text app. This is a great opportunity to encourage local consumers to visit or use your online services with the aid of great communication on a whole new level. Are you ready?