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3 Ways to Attract Reviews in Events and Hospitality Industry

Search engine optimisation for the events and hospitality industry is slightly different to all others. Potential customers can generally jump online and find all the details they need to make their decision to buy or not. Within seconds they have access to TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, Google Maps, not to mention social media pages. If you don’t have reviews in these places, chances are you’ll be glanced over for a competitor.

How to Get Reviews for Your Business

To avoid losing out, we have 3 tips to help increase the number of reviews you have readily available online.

  1. First off, your customer service and attention to detail need to be top notch. Give each and every customer an experience that impresses them so much that they can’t wait to let the world know how incredible it was. This is something your SEO provider cannot assist with, but it’s an essential tip for all businesses (in every industry) to help increase and attain excellent reviews.
  2. Ask your customers to leave a review. Some people won’t be aware of where to leave reviews, so let them know. Use your email marketing, social media channels and your print marketing materials including receipts. If you wish to direct all reviews to a particular website (Google or Facebook for example) take the time to read the guidelines before asking.
  3. Pay attention to the reviews you receive, good and bad. Take the time to leave a response to everyone, especially any that might not shine a positive light on your business. Show you’re listening and taking all feedback into consideration. It’s another opportunity to show off how great you are at customer service.

Asking for reviews and responding to them doesn’t take a lot of extra effort. One place to work on is your Google My Business listing. You can upload images, add perfectly crafted description as well as inviting customers to upload their own images and reviews. With excellent customer service and some attention on GMB you’re likely to notice the improvements in your SEO efforts.