Hotel Pricing Chart Arrives on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages

Google has updated its search engine results pages to include hotel price charts. This means that when users of Google search for hotels they will be shown a price graph. Users will be able to click on the arrow button to move up and down the chart to see pricing trends based on hotel properties and using historical data.

Google said that they researched travellers using Google and found they care most about pricing and the availability of information while searching for hotels. They hope the addition of hotel pricing charts into the search engine results pages will improve their user experience by making it easier and quicker to find the information they really care about.

Google Trips Tool

The addition of the hotel price chart is just one of the many improvements Google has been working on. An announcement at Google Marketing Live revealed ‘Trips’. Trips is a consolidated tool that will allow marketers to reach out to travellers using mobile and desktop. Sers of Trips can find hotels and packages along with flights and search for attractions and sights in their preferred locations.

Advertisers and marketers can use Trips to retarget those users that have previously visited your online content and to attract the attention of travellers in your area. Explore tabs open articles and videos to those trying to find out more about a location, which could be a great way of getting new traffic over to your content.

This is a great time to go through your digital marketing strategies and content creation to come up with the best ways to make use of the new tools and improvements made by Google. Need help? Get in touch and ask us about our SEO services in Worcestershire.