SEO Tips – How to Respond to a Major Google Algorithm Update

SEO Tips Algorithm Updates

SEO is always changing. Google updates their search algorithms hundreds of times per year. Many of these updates are so small their effects aren’t noticed by most users. Occasionally, the update is more significant and users can find themselves in a panic as they try to deal with the fallout. The most recent updates took place on September 1, 2016 and on September 23,2016. These two updates did generate reactions from those focused on SEO.  Today, we’re sharing a few tips on what to do after an update.

Stay Calm

There really is no need to panic. Panic will make your rush into making changes that might not improve your situation or might even damage your SEO. You may even begin to make changes before the update is live and the information about the update is shared (if it’s shared at all). The best thing to do is wait for the update to roll out and then check to see if your website has been negatively affected. Then, and only then, you can take the necessary steps to get back on track.

Study Your Metrics

Note down the metrics before and after the update to see if your site has been affected by the update. Compare the information and see if it’s significant enough to warrant changes being made. If you’re already carrying out SEO in the right way you probably won’t have to do anything.

Do Your Research

If you need to make changes to improve your SEO be sure to check credible sources before doing anything.  The best place to start is by visiting the official Google Webmaster Blog.  Read the related blog posts and you should learn where you need to make the changes on your website.  Don’t be afraid to contact professionals offering SEO services. They will be able to give you their expertise and help you to solve any issues you have with your SEO.

One Step at a Time

Write down a list of the possible changes that you need to make, listing the most important ones first. Work through the list slowly, carrying out one job at a time and allowing a decent amount of time between each one. This will allow you to learn more about the impact each change has on your SEO and monitor the effectiveness of each change you make. By taking your time and monitoring metrics you’ll learn more about SEO and your website.

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