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How to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog


Your business blog is full of excellent content, designed to satisfy the needs of your target audience, yet it’s failing to get the views. It happens to the best business blogs, it’s not just you. You’re posting consistent, original and valuable content so where’s the traffic? Good question. Getting traffic requires lots of SEO work to be done, but there are a few steps you can take without the help of the SEO experts. Here are 5 places to start improving the amount of traffic to your business blog.

  1. Rework the headlines and spend time coming up with headlines from now on. Headlines are what grabs the attention of the reader – are your headlines worth clicking over for? Go through the old and new headlines and give them a tweak to make them more enticing. There are headline analysing tools available to give you a hand, check out CoSchedule. You will need to sign up for the newsletter but it’s worth it.
  2. Share your blogs across all your social networks and make it easy for your blogs to be shared by your readers. The title of each post should be short enough to be shared along with links and hashtags – this isn’t too much of a problem now Twitter has increased the permitted characters, but it’s still a good idea to keep titles short and concise.
  3. Add some form of action to each post you publish on your business blog. The call to action could be to visit another page, sign up to a newsletter, buy something, redeem a code, visit another blog or check out your social networks. Go through all the old posts and include calls to action on them all, or at least the ones that get the most traffic.
  4. Are you publishing too much or not enough? Some people will unsubscribe if you send too much content their way, others will leave if they feel they’re not hearing from you enough. Analyse your email marketing reports and see if you can pick up on any trends. Come up with a publishing schedule that will try to keep many of your subscribers happy (remember you can never please everyone).
  5. Respond to comments on your blog as well as all comments on your social media channels. Take the time to reply to your readers with responses that are thought out and valuable to the reader. Comments are a major source for future blog posts, so you want to pay attention to them. Replying to comments helps to encourage people back to your content and shows that you are active and responsive.

These simple tips are easy to perform and will all contribute to increasing the amount of traffic to your blog. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for future tips and advice.