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Have You Optimised Your Images

Google has begun to show more images in the search results pages. This means it could be time to pay a little more attention to the images you’re using on your website. Optimising images could help you to appear on the top of search within the Google Image Box.

According to Search Engine Land, the number of times Google is showing images in the results has increased. SEOClarity discovered that the image search result box is currently showing up for a third of all queries, rising to 34% from 24%. The growth was first noticed on April 13, 2019. The rise has also been noticed by others including Mozcast and RankRanger.

How Optimised are Your Images?

Optimising images on your website needs to be second nature, but many businesses fail to maintain the simple task of ensuring every image is optimised. Google has been saying how important it is to focus on images for several weeks and obviously the increase of images being used in search now shows us why.

The Google image box is one source of traffic not to ignore, especially as it’s a job that although time-consuming, isn’t too hard to do. Steps involved in optimising images are:

  • Using good quality images that are small to ensure they don’t slow down your website load times.
  • Ensure profile pictures are cropped suitably for thumbnails in ratios of 16:9 or 4:3.
  • Avoid using stock images or unedited stock images, especially for team pages/about pages.
  • Give the image an optimised file name.
  • Ensure all images have Alt tags.
  • Complete captions on the images.
  • Add a description.
  • Ensure the image data is consistent with the content of the page it is on, so it’s all optimised and consistent.

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