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Page Speed – Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calendar


Google has released Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calculator to highlight the importance of mobile page speed. The simple Mobile Scorecard tool shows webmasters how the website is performing compared to their competitors. The Impact Calculator is designed to show the impact that the loading speed times can have on the bottom line.

Improving Mobile Experiences

Google continues to try and stress the importance of mobile website experiences. This isn’t additional information, marketers, webmasters and business owners have been receiving this news for a few years. Sadly, many sites are still not optimised for mobile. Google announced the release of the two new mobile resources at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. The aim is to provide marketers with easy to understand visuals to show and help explain why investment is required in the speed of the site when accessed on mobile devices.

Mobile Scorecard

Mobile Scorecard is capable of reporting thousands of websites from 12 countries. The tool uses Chrome User Experience Report information to compare different sites on mobile. The recommended site loading time and usability need to be within 5 seconds on devices with 3G connections and 3 seconds on 4G connections. The information shared on the Mobile Scorecard is put into monetary value, showing how much revenue the site misses out on because of the slow load times.

Impact Calculator

The Impact Calculator uses the information from The State of Online Retail Performance Report. The report, which was released in April 2017, shows that every second of delay can damage conversions by up to 20 percent.

Check your website by visiting both tools, here.