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5 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter followers

Looking to build a following on Twitter? There’s not an easy answer, but there are lots of ways you can work on your profile that will encourage growth. Here are 5 ways that should result in more followers coming your way.

Complete Your Twitter Bio

Did you know that the Twitter bio is indexed by search engines? Well, you do now, so how does your stand up? Is it optimised with keywords and does it sound like a positive voice for your business? Use this space to help attract users to your Twitter profile don’t forget to include a call to action.

Share Content Your Audience Will Want to See/Read

It’s so important to know your target audience and deliver content that they will be happy to receive. Think about each piece of content you share and how it will be of value. Will your audience find it useful, will it make them laugh, will they be able to solve a problem or gain insight? Is the content going to be engaging? Share great content and use images to help your content to stand out on the page.   Need to populate your profile with fresh content? Ask us about our social media marketing service in Worcester.

Don’t Over Promote

It’s so easy to use Twitter to promote your business but it’s important to remember that it is a social platform. People are not there to be accosted by sales teams. However, they are sometimes there to research businesses, products and services. Your profile should be rich in content that will complement your brand and show potential customers the kind of business you are. Encourage interaction with continued sharing of content that is of value and only promote when the right opportunities arise.

Add Twitter Buttons to Your Website

Your website needs to include a button to your Twitter profile (and buttons to all your other social media platforms too). Customers love to check out brands before doing business and social media interactions and content help them to decide whether a brand can be trusted. Share your profile, show that you are active, listening and sharing great content. Don’t forget to add buttons to your email marketing templates too.

Don’t Buy Followers

You might be tempted by the offers of buying 10000 followers for very little money, but this has no value to you. Sure, the numbers might look nice but that’s about as far as the benefits go. Buying followers will not increase engagement and won’t increase sales as those fake accounts are not your target audience. It’s far more beneficial to have 10 targeted followers than 1000 fake accounts.  Be a trusted account with genuine followers to benefit from Twitter marketing.