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Can Twitter Help You Rank on Page One of Google?


Have you noticed Tweets appearing on the top of the first page of Google’s search results? The Tweets are positioned in a thumb-friendly carousel, providing users of Google a quick and effortless way of viewing the Tweets and jumping straight over to Twitter for further information.

Regardless of whether the user clicks or not, having your Tweets on page one of search will help to build brand awareness and authority with your audience. Don’t forget, Twitter is also an excellent customer service tool and should be seen as such.  We have 5 useful Twitter tips that are ideal if you’d appreciate the benefits that come with such great exposure.

5 Ways to Reach Page One of Google Search with Your Twitter Account

  1. Create content regularly, a few times each and every day and create content that your followers, or Twitter users, will interact with. One of the best ways if increasing interaction with your Tweets is to build a following. Gaining followers isn’t a quick task. Get on Twitter and begin following relevant accounts and accounts you enjoy, along with following back your followers and being active on the site.
  2. Research into the popular hashtags and use them in your Tweets. Don’t stick religiously to your brand keywords, look for what’s trending and work them into your content. Another tip is to see what topics are trending and respond to those that are appropriate.
  3. Don’t stick to text alone, use images, have fun with gifs, videos and even memes. This is the type of content that usually attracts the most attention. You will have to decide if you want to use humour in your voice, it’s not always appropriate for brands and if you’re not comfortable with it or are concerned with how it will be received it might be best to stick to being positive and friendly.
  4. Interact with other Twitter accounts on a regular basis. Work in time to respond to Tweets, including a combination of a simple click of the heart to show you have seen and liked the Tweet, retweeting, retweeting with a comment and replying directly. Pay attention to users who are giving your Tweets attention, reply to all comments or give hearts at the very least. Support others giving you support and this will help build mutually beneficial relationships.
  5. Don’t be afraid of using emojis. If you really can’t stand emojis then you can avoid using them, but Twitter even recommends using them. A simple emoji helps to generate an emotional response to a Tweet, attention is drawn to your content and the emoji also helps to increase engagement.

You have to be on Twitter to benefit from all it can bring to your brand. Increase the positive search results showing on page on of Google search by being more active on this excellent social network. Need help curating content and maintaining activity on Twitter? Ask us about our social media services in Worcester.