Social Media Explained – By Accountants!


Here at Sharpmonkeys we really like this simple infographic from the accounting software company Xero. It gives a great overview and insight to what you should be using Social Media for.

Take a look at your own social media channels and see how you are using content to talk to your audience – are you on message? Are you using the right platforms to say the right things?

We work with organisations to help them decide which platforms they should be using, what they should be saying and how often. Not every platform is suitable for all businesses but we think we can build a pretty good case for most organisations to be using micro blogging, social networks and photo and video sharing somewhere…

Like all marketing , the first thing to decide is what do you want to achieve with social media? what are the business objectives ? Secondly , who is the audience , which platforms do they use? Planning your content does not need to be tedious – think about good engaging content you like and using tools to schedule content. When is your audience online ? For example, is it worth releasing Tweets in normal working hours or should you be looking at a different approach – the key is work out when your most successful content is viewed, shared and responded to.

A simple explanation by Xero, very relevant to their audience, well presented, easy to understand – written by accountants not marketeers or is it 🙂

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