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Facebook Pages Now Able to Join Facebook Groups

A recent Facebook update means it’s now possible for Facebook pages to join Facebook groups, having the option to comment and engage within the groups as the business page rather than an individual. This update isn’t fully rolled out yet as only some pages have the ability, but perhaps it will become possible for everyone in the near future. This is great news for any business using Facebook pages and groups as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Facebook is a difficult social media platform to crack thanks to the difficult algorithms. However, this recent update could be used by marketers as a way of increasing reach that continues to be in decline on business pages. Having the ability to use the business page within groups may help to increase brand awareness through increased exposure in targeted communities.

Why Join Facebook Groups as Your Business Page?

‘Allow Pages to Request to Join’ is currently a default setting, so groups will have the ability to turn this off if they want to or if they discover allowing pages to join has a negative effect on their community.  All pages that are included in the test run will be able to request to join any group with the setting left on, as of now. But why join groups in the first place?

  1. Allows you to get closer to your relevant communities
  2. Gives you opportunities to show off your expertise and increase authority
  3. Improves brand awareness with your target audiences
  4. May increase referred traffic

Groups continue to be focused on by Facebook, who gave Facebook pages the option to use their own groups as their page in 2017. This latest move will be welcomed by small businesses that are trying to use Facebook to gain exposure as well as for general customer service use.