Instagram Hashtag Tips for Businesses

Instagram Hashtag tips

Have you found it difficult to increase engagement and followers on Instagram. One of the easiest ways of licensing things up over on the social network is to make better use of these miracle keywords. Many businesses are failing to make the best use of the hashtag game so here are a few Instagram hashtag tips on how to use them effectively, starting now.

Following Hashtags

Users follow other users, people who they want to stay up to date with, businesses they use, and profiles filled with images they admire. Recently, Instagram added a new feature that allows users to follow hashtags as well as individual users. Each hashtag can be followed, all you need to do is find out the hashtags that your audience follow and begin using them to your advantage.

Popular Hashtags

The most popular hashtags are the ones that will have the largest followers. These hashtags are usually generic, and many can be applied to your images. Finding the most popular tags is as easy as visiting third-party sites such as tagblender or top-hashtags. Don’t use all of them, pick a few and start experimenting with your posts to see if you notice any sharp rises in engagement.

Your Local Area

Experiment with location hashtags when seeking more local engagement and business. These tags can be an excellent way of connecting with your local community and raising awareness of your business. Add a few localised hashtags to your images and stories and follow them on your own feed to find what’s popular with the audience.

Add Some Personality

It’s okay to use a few of your maximum of 30 hashtags to inject some personality into your brand. Spare a couple of hashtags for some tongue in cheek humour. Make sure the audience will understand the humour and connect with the message it relays. These are the tags to add at the beginning of your hashtag section.

Create Your Own

Come up with a tag that you can use in your Instagram marketing (and on other social networks). Think up a catchy tag that your audience will respond positively to and try to encourage the use of the tag with them. Use the tag on your posts but also include simple instructions for your customers in order confirmation and follow up emails to spread the word. Encourage the use of the hashtag by offering exclusive discounts, promotions or entries into a competition for people who take part.

Have you tried and tested any of these top hashtag tips for businesses? Come and share your experiences with us over on Twitter.