What You Need to Know About Facebook Branded Content

Facebook Marketing The Facebook Branded Content feature provides media outlets, influencers, and celebrities to tag content that includes brands, sponsors or a third party. It’s worth knowing about this feature if you’re a publisher or marketer because it will affect you.

  • Branded content can only be used by celebrities, media outlets and influences that have verified pages. If you’re going to be working with influencers it’s important to look out for the blue verified icon.
  • Branded content can be in the form of a photo, link, text, instant article, 360 video and live video is coming soon too. The content will look the same as it always does, but there will be a tag next to the name of the posting page, adding ‘with’ and tagging your brand. Each time the content is shared, your brand will remain on the shared content, increasing your exposure and perhaps gaining you a few new Facebook fans too.
  • The Branded Content is useful as both you and the publishing page will get performance insights for the post you’re tagged in where you can monitor the organic and paid engagement. You’ll also be able to see the types of engagement the branded content received. Useful to help you with your next campaigns.
  • If you’re tagged you will get a notification telling you that your page has been tagged on a verified page in branded content.
  • You can decide to Share the branded content on your own page and boost it for further reach while targeting your audience.

If you’re interested in working on a Branded Content campaign with strong influencers you will need to be aware of the rules. Read Branded Content Policies for posts that won’t be boosted. If you plan on boosting or advertising the post you should read the advertising guidelines along with the Branded Content Policies.

Branded Content is a valuable tool that can help to create influencer campaigns that will give you access to insights and help to increase visibility for your brand.