Social Media Marketing: Is Facebook Still Worth the Investment?

social media marketing Facebook changes to algorithm

Mark Zuckerberg announced that the news feed is changing dramatically in 2018. The overhaul is expected after Facebook coming under fire for spreading fake news and using the newsfeed to make profit for themselves. Zuckerberg said that the changes will see meaningful social interactions becoming the priority.  ‘Relevant content’ that has dominated in recent times will be replaced. Does this mean the end of Facebook in your social media marketing?

What Does This Mean for the Average Facebook User?

Facebook users won’t be bombarded with as many ads in their newsfeed. The new algorithm means more content will show up that has been posted by friends and family. Zuckerberg expressed his desire to change Facebook for the good of the people, to improve well-being and happiness.

What About Businesses on Facebook?

Facebook has been difficult to crack, and it sounds as if things will only get worse in the months to come if you are only using it to drive direct sales. However, many businesses benefit from a customer service and trust building point of view. You see, not many people go to Facebook to buy, but they do go to research and to ask for help. These two reasons are why it’s vital for all businesses to be on Facebook and to be active. You don’t need to have a mass of followers to provide much-needed services to your customers and potential customers. You do need to be there.

Trust in Your Business

If you’re not a well-known brand your potential customers might be wary. One of the most popular ways of researching a business is checking your social media. This is why you need to have links taking your customers directly to your social media profiles on your website.

Once on your Facebook page, potential customers will first check to see that you are active and that the website isn’t simply dormant lying until the domain name runs out. They will look for your own posts but also negative comments that are made on those posts. Negative comments help to inform potential customers of the experience that might be expected if they do business with you. The way you respond to any negative comments will be what matters the most. Therefore, all comments need to be replied to and dealt with openly and left for all to see. Reviews and positive comments will also be looked at.

Asking Questions

Some potential customers will pop over to your Facebook page to find information and to ask questions if the answers are discoverable. Social media is a quick and straightforward way to seek assistance and many people prefer it as there’s no need to talk directly to a person or pass over email addresses and so on. Of course, if you want their email you can always lead the conversation into private email, but do try to keep most of the conversation on Facebook to provide the customer with a positive experience.

Providing customer service and trust on Facebook doesn’t require a large ad budget, but it does require being on the social platform, staying active and responding when required. Ask us about our social media services in Worcester to find out more about social media and SEO.