3 Mistakes Businesses Make on Facebook


There are lots of mistakes being made on Facebook by businesses, both large and small. Today we’re going to focus on three of the most common mistakes that many businesses don’t consider as being wrong.

Over Promoting Your Business or Products

This is one of the mistakes that businesses seem to love to make. Despite being given advice they fail to take it seriously and continue to thrust products and services down the throats of their fan base and ask their social media managers to do the same.  We know that the reason you’re on social media is to spread word of your brand and to increase sales, but this approach is the quickest way to annoy your social audience and reduce engagement. The best way of becoming memorable in the mind of your fan base is by giving them something of value. You don’t have to keep relating your statuses to your business, this is Facebook, entertain, educate and connect with your audience on an emotional level to get results.

Forgetting Your target Market

Do you have a clear understanding on who your social media personas are? Before you share any message on any social media platform we ask you to think about who that message is targeted towards. Think about who your followers are and why they are on social media. They could be there because they want information, discounts, need customer service, they are loyal fans of yours or they are trend setters looking to share and comment on your activity. Think about what your customers want to know, what will benefit them that day and what content will make them react and engage.

Failing to Interact on a Human Level

Facebook fans don’t want to interact with a robot; they want real interaction with genuine people who have the freedom and permission to inject personality into the business. Trust your in-house team and social media managers and allow them to interact naturally. Never encourage copying and pasting when it comes to customer service, on any level – interact with each individual and give them the time they deserve in order to build on your reputation.

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