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Bounce Rate | What Is Bounce Rate? Does It Affect SEO?

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Bounce rate is a percentage score that gets given when you get a visitor on your website, and they leave after only viewing one page.

Is a high bounce rate bad?

This all depends on the purpose of your pages. For example if your homepage has a high bounce rate, this may indicate an issue as the homepage should be the gateway leading to all other pages on your site. However, for pages like blogs a high score could be expected as people may find the answer they’re looking for on your blog, and then simply leave as they found all the information they need.

Does it affect SEO?

To put it simply, search engines like Google do not judge bounce rates because it’s not a reliable metric. But, using sites such as Google Analytics can help you identify where the issues are on your website by identifying where you have high scores. 

How can you assess bounce rates?

Using Google Analytics you can look into the specific channels, check each source/medium and and even check each individual page’s bounce rate. From there you can start making improvements.

What’s a good score?

Overall, an ideal bounce rate should be between 20-50%, an average is 50-70% anything above that is considered to be a negative score.

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