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Top 5 Tips for Using Google Analytics

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Google Analytics can seem very daunting to begin with but once its learnt it is hugely beneficial for businesses. If you need a little help before reading this blog here’s an introduction video. Here are our top 5 tips you can use to get the most out of this software!


  • Don’t forget to link all other google accounts to your analytics account. Examples of these are: Google Search Console, Adsense and Google Adwords. Having these linked will optimise the amount of data which can be viewed in the analytics account. You can then track how your Adwords are performing and how your website is being found in Google search results.


  •  Set up intelligence events. This is the feature where you can set up parameters to measure unusual activity on your website such as a 150%  increase in searches from a new location then it will send an alert to the manager or whoever owns the account.


  • Use your Analytics account to find the key search terms which can give you a key insight into your keywords. To do this follow: ‘behaviour’ then ‘site search’ and finally ‘search terms’. Having this data and knowledge can help make more informed decisions with the business and its SEO.


  • To avoid your own businesses interaction being part of your data exclude your business by entering the IP address of the business in the settings. This stops Google including your own interactions becoming part of the data and showing up in the numbers provided.


  • You can use Google Analytics to identify which pages load slower than others. This feature means you can optimise your website by editing these pages to make them faster which will make your website perform better and also rank higher in google.

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