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Snapchat | Why Use Snapchat In Your Marketing Strategy.

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Snapchat launched in 2012 and brands tended to avoid this social media platform as it was seen as a way of communication for young teens and adults, but that has all changed over the last few years.

What sort of content should you create on Snapchat? 

The best type of content would be a more ‘behind the scenes’ style, so something different to the content you put on your other marketing channels and that they will only be able to find on Snapchat. For example, the betting agency William Hill use Snapchat ads to advertise their business, they tend to target users that have already visited their site so they will be more likely to return, they always include a link to their site on their adverts so all you have to do is swipe up and you’ll go straight to it.

It’s worth pointing out that Snapchat may not be for every business, but it’s important to understand your content needs to be different to your other social media platforms, Snapchat content should be quirky, include real-timed videos and full of personality. Brands that come across as too serious or professional are seen as boring, so think outside the box!

Why use Snapchat?

Unlike instagram, there’s no algorithm hiding your posts!  There’s also less competition which means you’re more likely to stand out. If a user adds your business account they will easily be able to see the content you add to your story.

Snapchat in your marketing strategy:

According to a 2019 poll, 71% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34, so if your target audience is in this age group, using Snapchat is a great idea! For content, think in the footsteps of your target audience, think what they would like to see? 

Content ideas:

  1. Behind the scenes- people want to see authentic and unpolished content, sneak peaks at new products or services will make viewers feel more involved.
  2. Interactive content-create activities your audience will participate in, e.g upload a picture to your story, then get people to draw something on your upload and send it to their friends. 
  3. How to videos-create short instructional videos, showing people how to do something.
  4.   Interviews- Interview members of staff, this way you can directly speak to customers, maybe interview someone ‘high up’ in the business, this will help people get familiar with your company’s ethics and will help increase trust and respect.

Creating Ads:

Snapchats advertising options are not as advanced as other social media platforms such as Facebook. Snapchat Ads Manager is a tool where you can purchase different ad products, you can create/manage campaigns, handle payments and invite your team members to have access to the account.

Similar to Facebook you will be able to create audience types so you can target your ads to them.

Some examples of the types of Ads:

  • Snap Ads-These are full screen mobile adverts that often appear in between or after content such as people’s Snapchat stories.
  • Lenses- You can sponsor ‘lenses’ that people can use in their own photos and videos, lenses use augmented reality adding random objects or characters into posts.
  • Filters- you can also sponsor filters, e.g mcdonalds created a filter which was accessible when the user was near any Mcdonalds restaurant in the U.S.
  • Product Ads- if you want to show off a new product or service, you can create a ‘shoppable’ ad format.

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