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Domain Authority, What is it? Why is it important?

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Domain authority (DA) is a major component that defines how well your website will rank within search engines. 

DA was created by Moz, it’s a metric to give websites a rating. The rating is a score out of 100 (100 being the best). So this means the higher the DA score, the higher the website will rank in search engines. 

You can compare your website’s DA score against your competitors website, the website with a higher score is more likely to have a higher ranking on search engines. Why don’t you check your website’s domain score here!

What makes a “Good” domain authority?

Well, a website’s DA is calculated by multiple factors such as including linking root domains and the number of links. Generally sites including high-quality external links score better (Links from well-trusted sites such as Wikipedia etc.) 

Why is Domain authority important?

DA is important because by improving it, you increase your chances of also improving your search engine ranking of your website. The higher the DA score, the harder your website will be to outrank.

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