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YouTube Marketing | Why Use YouTube In Your Marketing Strategy

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Think your target audience may not be on YouTube? Well, ”One-third of total time online is spent watching videos, and YouTube has more than a billion active users. The platform is so extensive that it can be accessed in 76 different languages, accounting for 95% of the world’s population

Did you know that YouTube is actually the second largest search engine? And it can also help with your SEO?

It may seem like a chore creating a YouTube channel for your brand but it will help your overall brand presence when you create content that’s appealing to your target audience, easy to understand and shareable!

First of all you need to create an account, to do that follow the steps here. Once the account has been created, it’s important to customise your account to your brand so it will be identifiable to your target audience. 

Now to the good stuff, how do you optimise your videos for SEO?  

Start by optimising the video’s metadata, which gives your viewers more information on what your video is about! Part of the metadata includes the video’s title, description, category, thumbnail etc. If you provide the right information, YouTube love this and your video is more likely to be displayed when users search for your videos topic. 

Top Tips for Metadata optimisation:

  • Titles are what will catch peoples attention, make sure the title is clear and includes keywords that people will use to search for your video. 
  • For the description, viewers will only see the first two/three lines unless they press ”show more”,  again include some keywords and write in a way that will encourage engagement and get your video more views.
  • When you upload your video you can choose a topic category in ”advanced settings” that your video fits under, this will group your video with related content.
  • A thumbnail is the image that will appear on your video when users are scrolling through YouTube, the better the thumbnail the more likely you are to get more video views, create a custom thumbnail to increase chances of getting more views.

YouTube in your marketing strategy

It helps to have a large subscriber base and high ranking in search results but if you’re just starting out this is difficult, you need to spread the news about your channel across different platforms.

You can share your YouTube videos on your other social media platforms, YouTube has a ”share” tab underneath a video where you can choose to share to a different platform. However, don’t just simply share the link to your video, maybe respond to commonly asked questions with a link to your video which answers their question.

Include your YouTube Channel on your website and in your blog posts, you can do this by adding a YouTube icon to your site and include relevant videos in your blog posts.

You can email your already existing customers about your channel, you can send them a link to a blog post which contains a link to your channel, this will increase your website traffic and then your video views when they click the link to watch it.

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