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Can gamification work for you?

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What is gamification?


Gamification is taking techniques usually applied to games such as rules, competition and point scoring to other areas which aren’t usually associated with gaming to encourage engagement. For example Snapchat filters with games involved encourage players to complete a task whilst subconsciously advertising the brand to the player.


Why try it?

Including gamification in your marketing will help to engage customers with either the product or service you’re offering. According to a survey, over 70% of businesses on the Forbes Global 2000 said they’d used gamification. Using it in your website and advertising can encourage loyalty and also if a prize or reward is offered it can be an incentive for repeated custom and website visits. Using gamification can initiate the competitive instinct in humans and will make them want to play and possibly win.


Gamification can also be used internally in a business, you as a business can use it to make already existing tasks more interesting. This can be a huge benefit to your business because it can encourage higher productivity and learning. Companies such as Greene King use gamification in their employee training, one to encourage employees and two to make the longer more monotonous tasks such as safety training more engaging and enjoyable. The entire training course for new employees is online and includes videos with questions and answers, mini games such as drag and drop tasks and interactive videos. Greene King uses this in their training to make training feel more rewarding by giving certificates for passes in the training.


We love this app for discovering new beers (not that we would ever encourage drinking )


An idea for simple gamification for your business this Christmas, you could add an advent calendar to your website for customers to open possibly giving a tip, a new blog post or possibly a new offer each day. 

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