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Google Speed Update is Here

Google Speed Algorithm Update

The Google Speed Update has been launched to all users. It has taken 6 months of work to reach this point, but Google is now ready for the slowest sights to be impacted in the mobile search rankings. Don’t panic, this update is going to only affect the very slowest website. The websites that are incredibly slow will have their ranking impacted by this brand-new speed algorithm. There’s a high chance you won’t be affected, especially if you’ve already taken a few steps to speed up your website.

Check Your Metrics

There are a few ways to find out if your website is slow. The first is by checking your website for yourselves. Ask everyone in the office to try and access and use the website via their mobile phone during office hours and out of hours. Monitor the feedback, it’s a great way of seeing how user-friendly and fast your website really is.

Webmasters should obviously look deeper into the metrics, there are tools that are useful for this, such as:

These tools will provide plenty of information on the negatives and the action that can be taken to improve the situation. If your website is very slow you may have several steps to take, but if your website is already quite fast it’s not worth taking extra steps just because of the speed algorithm at this point. The speed update will not be altered for those fast sites that make small improvements. That being said, improving the speed for your customers is always a good thing.

Find out more about the Speed Update by reading our recent post, “Slowest Sites to Be Impacted By Google Speed Update”.

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