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How to improve Domain Authority!

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Firstly, if you need to understand what domain authority is, we’ve got you covered! Check out our previous blog here. 

As mentioned in our previous blog it’s important to improve your domain authority score as you also improve your ranking on search engines and having a high DA rating makes your website harder to outrank. 

So how do you improve your domain authority?

There are a variety of ways to do this, one way is to extend the date of expiry of your website. This shows search engines your website is likely to be trustworthy as it’s going to stay around for a few years. It’s recommended that you should extend the expiry date to 3-4 years.

This next factor will probably affect your domain authority score the most and that’s through back links. Include as many back links as possible from trustworthy sites. Needless to say it’s crucial to make sure the links are relevant to the content on your site.

Removing bad links is just as important as creating new ones, remove bad links pointing to your website. There are services you can use which give you this information such as Google’s Disavow Back links.

When it comes to blog post it’s about quality not quantity, we recommend 2-3 high quality blogs a week is better than 6/7 low quality content blogs. We have a service which specialises in writing blog posts, which we tailor to your business. 

Don’t forget about social media! It’s crucial to make sure your brand and blogs are on social media. Publishing your blogs to social media may lead to them being shared on other sites, this is why high quality content is important, you can gain an audience that then regularly read your blogs because you’re seen as a trustworthy source.

And if you’re seen as a trustworthy source your Domain authority score should increase.   

Get in touch if you need help with this!