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Mobile marketing and Local SEO

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If you need to understand the basics of Local SEO we recommend reading our previous blog here.

Mobile marketing and Local SEO go hand in hand. Making sure your website is optimised for mobiles can make or break a local business. You need to optimise your website for mobile marketing and Local SEO. 

Your business can appear on Google, this is great for when someone is near your location and searching for “….near me”. If your website and Local SEO is optimised well then your business will show up on Google to the searcher, and rank higher than your competitors.

It’s important to make sure your Local SEO is up to date and optimised as it can help potential customers find answers before they get to your location.  In some cases people will plan a trip in advance, so they may check your opening hours or look to see any images of your business all of this is part of your SEO and can be done using Google My Business.

When people are out and about looking for your business whilst they are on the go, mobile phones can access people’s locations so as mentioned previously, as long as your Local SEO is optimised your business will appear to potential customers. Within mobile marketing optimisation, there are multiple factors you need to check in order to increase the chances of someone using your business over competitors.

So,  you’ve signed up to Google My Business to be visible to potential customers and you have updated the information regularly etc. What happens next?

If someone is travelling somewhere and needs your business fast, they will search for your business. Your business information should appear when Local SEO has been done correctly. If so they will look further into your details and click through to your site. You need to make sure your website is usable on a mobile device so potential customers can easily navigate their way through. The loading speed of your website on a mobile device is crucial, if someone is in a rush and has clicked on your site which isn’t loading fast, they are likely to go to your competitors site and use them instead.

If you think you need help improving local SEO or mobile marketing, get in touch we’d love to help.