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Keywords | What Are Keywords? How Do They Affect SEO?

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To put it simply, keywords are phrases inside your copy within your site’s content and they make it possible for people to find your site, using search engines, as they type these words into the search engine and if your site is optimised well, your website should appear.

If people are trying to find your website, what words would they type into search engines to find it? These are the ‘keywords’ you need to include within your content.

You can optimise your website so that search engines will connect a potential visitor to your site, but in order to do this you need to use the right keywords. Implementing keyword SEO into your site will help you rank above your competitors on search engines such as Google. 

This is because search engines will see your content as relevant to what the ‘visitor’ is searching for, as they’ve typed in keywords into the search engine, which you have within the content of your page.

Where to start?

When deciding which keywords to use, bare in mind you need to constantly monitor and evolve them. Try not to use broad keywords as these words may trigger your site on search engines, but the ‘visitor’ may not be relevant or the type of visitor you want on your site. Therefore they may go on your site, realise it’s not what they want, and leave it which will cause your site to have a high bounce rate.

Popular keywords will have more competition with your competitors, so it’s best to use more specific phrases this way you won’t just attract random visitors, but the right visitors. Think outside the box too, you won’t stand out against competition if you’re using all the same keywords.

So how should you make yourself stand out? Create high quality content such as blogs which include your keywords, maybe create a blog that answers popular questions in your industry.

Get more results!

Once you’ve chosen the right keywords, you can use them to your advantage to get more conversions by optimising your SEO. 

Where to use your keywords:

  • In the title of your page.
  • In the URL.
  • In the page’s general content.
  • In the Meta tags.
  • In image files paths.
  • Use the keyword so it links back to that page from other pages on the site. 

Top Tip:

The relevancy when using the keyword is more important than the quantity, don’t cram as many keywords in as possible. 

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