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Would You Like Upto £120 Advertising For FREE?

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As Sharpmonkeys are a Google Partner agency, this entitles any new clients of ours to get upto £120 free to spend on Adwords(PPC)

To qualify , you must be a new advertiser (not used adwords before) and be ready to spend upto £120 in your first month of advertising. Google will then match this spend in your second month upto a value of £120!

Google Adwords enables you to reach potential customers across the internet by creating adverts aimed at your targeted audience. You only pay when a potential customer “clicks” on your advert, therefore your ads could be seen hundreds of times before you start paying.

Working with us at Sharpmonkeys, you will have a PPC(Pay Per Click) campaign that is fully optimised, and gets you the best value for money. We’ll plan, implement and manage your campaigns. Depending on what the goal of your campaign is, whether that’s more leads or more sales, just sit back and watch the magic happen! 

Contact us today to find out how to receive your FREE £120.